Clean Energy

Autonomous Robot


Electric Vehicle Rental&ridesharing

An electric vehicles with more affordable, efficient, and sustainable transportation options that serve riders, drivers and cities.

Battery Swapping

Self-service battery- swapping platform for electric vehicles to become a zero-emissions mobility platform

Autonomous Robot Delivery

Deliveries more efficient, more convenient and more sustainable – improving everyday life.

Warehouse Automation

The new robotic solutions that support workplace safety and help businesses deliver to customers faster.


Vision Hi Ness Co., Ltd. is a digitalization company leveraging on technology to create a better quality of life for people, due to growth in every industry driven by digital enhancement.

The company is under Finnereum Co.,Ltd group has digitized our products and services and embedded AI technology into our digital systems to create a new era of sustainable growth.

We offer eMobility services to enable people to move around cleanly and efficiently at a lower cost and step towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

We plan to support energy sustainability and the use of clean energy vehicles, scaling up affordable, clean, and homegrown power.

We provide the product coverage from E-Motor, E-Motorcycle, E-Pickup, E-Truck, E-Bus with dynamic AC and DC charging.

We also offer an electric motorcycle rental & ridesharing and self-service battery-swapping e-motorcycle system at scale.

Vision hi ness Co.,Ltd
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